Primes is a search tool for prime numbers. It allows you to search primes in different manners, and can generate primes of very big sizes (up to 200 digits or more).

For efficiency reasons, the tool will first give you lists of probable primes as search result; you can then click on the number to pass a rigorous primality test on it. (Note however that you only have one chance over billions to find a probable prime which is not prime.)

Please choose your searching mode for primes. (Arithmetic expressions are accepted in all the fields below.)

  1. List of successive primes, starting from , going .
  2. A random prime of digits.
  3. List of primes in an arithmetic progression an + b, where
    a = , b = , and n starts from ,
    going .

Limit the lists to at most primes.

Related tools: Integer factorizer.

Glossary: prime .

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