Animated drawing

Animated drawing allows you to plot curves and surfaces,in 2D or 3D, which zooms, deforms and/or rotates in all directions. Demonstration.

To animate your curves and surfaces, you have only to add a parameter, s. This parameter will have value 0 at the beginning of an animation sequence. Then it will regularly increase, to approach 1 at the end of the sequence.

You may incorporate a function of s in different fields. Put one into the equation of the curve or the surface to deform it, and/or into the ranges of variables to make it move, and/or into the viewing angles (3D) to rotate it.

Under the expert mode (complete menu), you can also plot multiple curves and surfaces with synchronized animation.

If you are new to this application, you may start with the demo page which contains examples of animated curves and surfaces. Otherwise you may choose the type of the plot you want:

Please use Polyray to plot implicit algebraic surfaces. It is done by ray tracing, with excellent quality. Click here to plot 2D implicit curves.

Plane parametric curves can also be plotted with a moving point, using Parametric points.

Other animated plotters: Vision 4D, Polynomial sweep.

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