13. The Titanic exhibition: listening for detail

Listen to the recording and fill in the gaps with the missing words.

As they enter the exhibit at the Luxor Hotel, each visitor receives with the name of an actual passenger aboard the Titanic. They enter the exhibit as if they were on April 14, 1912.
They walk past an unadorned before reaching the first-class section section - considered more luxurious than any .
Visitors are invited to touch a specially-created to feel how cold the water was when the supposedly unsinkable ship went down.
“And the individuals that lost their lives, most of them did not die from , they died of , which is where their body basically because it gets too cold,” said Dale.
The emotional journey through the exhibit ends at the Memorial Wall, where visitors learn their passenger's fate.
“ He survived," said Barr. "He survived... right there. It is cool. He is only »


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